About us


Winser operates as an exclusive 100% membership-only platform, wherein registered members actively participate in contests to gain access to an array of exceptional products. The assortment of products offered in these contests encompasses various membership tiers, with the quality of prizes escalating in tandem with the level of membership obtained.

Central to our ethos is the commitment to providing contests featuring prizes of substantial value, surpassing the subscription cost by a significant margin. This ensures that our esteemed members stand to gain considerably from their engagement with the platform.

Additionally, we proudly stand behind our pledge to deliver a rewarding experience to all members. In the unlikely event that a member does not secure any winnings within the initial two months of their membership, we offer a comprehensive refund covering the entirety of the subscription fees for that period. Your satisfaction and fulfillment remain our utmost priority.

A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to supporting charitable causes. For further details on our philanthropic endeavors, press the link here